Finally after much hard work the last couple of months we are very proud to announce the release of the brand new Sketch2React 2020 😺 🙌 That also marks the release of our own marketplace, something that we have only dreamt about in the past. Owning the whole chain of software 👉 customer gives us room to grow, try things, experiment and most importantly, have one channel for delivery of all our apps, templates and other goodies.

New in Sketch2React 2020 🎁

We have created many tutorials since the very beginning of Team Sketch2React, both written and recorded. Why? Because it’s fun to teach and after a while it becomes a nice giving habit.

I have changed the way I do them, though. The written ones take longer to create, but they have a great benefit, you set the pace, and you don’t need to press the pause button all the time to understand what’s going on 😺

The setup becomes

  • Step by step thorough written tutorials, often quite long
  • Short brief companion video tutorial that shows what’s been told

We think this formula is…

There’s a good reason we in Team Sketch2React love Sketch assistants. It has reduced our time doing really basic support for Sketch2React to a bare minimum. Which is wonderful, that way we can put that time instead on making our apps even better.

Don’t get us wrong, we love supporting our products, and we’ll keep doing that as long as people use our apps and ask us questions. We just don’t want our customers to get stuck on the basic steps for getting everything up and running.

Hey guys! We just released updates worth mentioning in a blog post like this for both Sketch2React and Stratos Tokens. So, here we go!

Sketch2React — Export to iOS & Android

This is the way…

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • What Style Dictionary is
  • How to structure things in Sketch or Figma for it to work its magic of translation via Stratos Tokens and out to iOS, Android and SCSS
  • How to install Style Dictionary into your Stratos Tokens project folder
  • How to run and update your design tokens

If you’re just sitting there with a big❓read this article first 👇

Tutorial requirements

Remember when version tracking was perplexing to us designers? Then came Abstract, Plant, and other great apps & services that solved that issue in a way that mere normal humans without engineering degrees would actually understand how it worked. Hang on to this reasoning.

Understanding how design tokens work, how you can create them and how they will transform and impact your teams workflow is the next big thing as we in Team Sketch2React see it.

Today we’re very proud to launch the brand new, totally reworked Stratos Tokens 2021 to the world. After more than one year in development…

Breaking news!

We just updated Sketch2React with Capacitor project export! That means you can skip all the steps in this tutorial on the subject of Capacitor project requirements, since we now bundle it for you. Rejoice! You still need this tutorial for all the other parts, but hey we just made it simpler than ever for you. 😺✅

Companion tutorial video

I hadn’t actually planned to make a part two of my tutorial on how to go from Sketch, via Sketch2React to Xcode.

Then I got this really neat tip from our friendly Slack community short after publishing it:

Thanks Fransesco. I'm totally obsessed with doing things smarter, I think that's why I never stop thinking about new ways, new shortcuts to do more with the tools I have at my reach.

Update! We just released an update to Sketch2React where we bundle the HTML directly as a Capacitor.js project 🥳💥 Shortly put, lots of the steps required in this tutorial are now done for you 🙌🏻

What if you could go from Sketch to iOS & Android without writing a single line of code? Actually, you can. 🥳 Just check out the video below first, seeing is believing my friends. 😺👇

From the very start of Sketch2React one question keeps popping up from time to time:

” Can I build apps for Android and iOS with Sketch2React? ”


Say that you suddenly need to make a loading animation for the app you’re making. Instead of spending hours and hours perfecting it I would do this instead:

  • Browse around a while for inspiration on
  • Find something that works, then download the JSON file
  • Side note 👉 🗒️ Make sure you download the Keyshape Lottie plugin, or you will not be able to import or export animations using the Lottie file format
  • Jump into Keyshape, choose Open and if you’re lucky, the animation looks like the one on the website
  • Use Paste Shape to replace the graphics with your…

Juan Maguid

Co-founder of Team Sketch2React. Designer that wants to make your maker lives easier😺👍

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