Introducing my first ever app template, Vinyl Maker for iOS

Juan Maguid
3 min readApr 4, 2024


Hey guys! It’s time for Mr Maguid to try out something new, yet similar. I have been selling shiny things on the internets for a very long time, even counting real years.

You get this nice .sketch template also huzzah!

Swift my way

Since I’ve gotten pretty bad ass at SwiftUI not so much thanks to ChatGPT, more thanks to myself being a very stubborn idiot, the time has come to share that for some lousy dollars. Will this evil scheme work? I do not know. Will I become very rich. Not in a million years. Will it be fun? I think so!

Who doesn’t love vinyl?

Track my record

I’ve already released a couple of macOS and iOS apps on the AppStore which need to be approved by Apple themselves, so I figured out, if it’s good enough for Apple, it will definitely be great for you. Hah!

Be supportive

One thing that I’ve learned from being co-founder of Team Sketch2React is this: you do not get anywhere without proper supporting your own products. Always be very generous with support, and at least, you will feel good. Helping others is fun!

Check out my vinyl

What is cool with my app template is that it started with me, fiddling around with my own free macOS apps, SpringUI. I was playing around animating between two images.

I then thought to myself “oooooh it would be really cool to animate that vinyl record, right? So one thing led to another, and suddenly I had this:

Not enjoying the silence

I have been making my own weird music for more years than I have been designing, and I know how hard it is to really stand out, be different, do something else. Since I love music, building things that can help other artists, musicians and weirdos, make me really happy.

I tried reaching out to a couple of music friends of mine, I even offered myself to build a customized version of my original Djablobeats app (the one above) but total silence. I guess everyone is wrapped up in their own problems, priorities, issues etc. The silence was deafening.

Never gonna give you up

So instead of just giving up, I’m just releasing this as an app template for anyone to purchase, make it their own, and yeah, it’s actually super easy to customize, I’ve included superb instructions. 😺💪

Go ahead, make my day!



Juan Maguid

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