People just don’t write anymore

Juan Maguid
2 min readJun 6, 2022


You know how companies like to use the phrase ”we have listened, now here’s our solution”? Utter bull crap. No, they have not listened, that’s just some clever marketing right there. Of course, it sounds better than ”you know what, we really don’t need these negative reviews, let’s make them disappear”.

From the very beginning of Sketch2React, we have been hearing, from time to time, that you don’t like to type. At all. You seem to have an allergy against it, it’s grave. We really don’t want to cause you any health problems.

I mean, you don’t seem to have a difficulty typing on social media, or maybe you are using that fancy voice-to-type-tech in your device thingie? Must be that.

Wait, we know what it is! You really don’t like naming your layers and groups in your design application. Of course, you don’t, you are a designer, not an author or developer. You like to draw rectangles and add nice colors to them. Totally understandable.

Our bad, talk about Not knowing your audience, mayor mistake. Phew.

Also, it took us 4+ years, we really must be idiots, very brave or extremely bad listeners.

Well, hang on, type haters, you are in for a treat. Like soon. Here’s the best sneak peek trailer we have ever created 👇

Dear CapCut, where have you been all my life? 🧡

Since we are utterly crap at clever business decisions, we are going to give this one out free. On the other hand, it only works with Marcode app, and you will only get it when you purchase Marcode directly from our marketplace.

I’m out of mics, so I’ll just drop something else instead 👋




Juan Maguid

Creative Technologist. Co-founder of Team Sketch2React.